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Fujifilm X-h1 Body

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Digital Camera - X Trans CMOS III APS HD 24.3Mpx, Fujifilm X bayonet, 3" hinged LCD, 5-axis stabilisation, power viewfinder, 14fps continuous shooting, SD/SDHC/SDXC, WiFi

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Fujifilm X-h1 Body

Описание на продукта

SEPARATE BODY WITHOUT LENS. There is no lens included to this DSLR camera. If You need advice just call or write to us!

The Fujifilm soundtrack represents an anticipated innovation - the most powerful X-series digital camera. This is the top model replacing the X-T2. In contrast, it boasts 5-axis stabilization with 5.5EV. It also has a new body that is refreshingly compact and robust at the same time. The high-speed processor and the large sensor combine to produce high-quality images with the perfect colour reproduction. It is equipped with advanced shock protection and keeps up with the ever-increasing demands of photographers who also want to shoot impressive videos with their camera.

What does the Fujifilm X-H1 take on?

 -It is the most powerful X-series model
 -Precise 5-axis stabilisation with 5.5EV efficiency
 -Advanced shock reduction
 -Extra fast processor and large sensor
 -Solid and robust design
 -Above-average image quality of photos and videos
 -Improved control with 19 modifications

The Beating Heart of the Camera

The heart of the Fujifilm X-H1 is the high-speed X-Processor Pro processor. It achieves a remarkable scanning speed of 14fps. Also, when shooting a video, you get great value with X-H1 with Full HD up to 60fps and 4K resolution at 24fps. The processor can draw the maximum performance from the 24.3MPx APS-C X-Trans CMOS III sensor for faithful colours and enhanced image depth. The rich set of 91 focus points together with fast AF is always ready to achieve fast and accurate autofocus. The phase detection's AF range has been expanded by 1.5 stops to -1EV, which helps focus in poor lighting conditions.

The X-H1 is the first model with its own built-in stabilsation mechanism. It has an advanced accelerometer and a gyroscope that work together to carry out processing and correction approximately 10,000 times each second to achieve image stabilisation performance with advanced speed and precision. The correction is based on 5 axes.

Controls and Accessories

The ultimate control is enhanced by a new, responsive shutter button that responds to gentle action and photographic opportunities. In addition, the X-H1 has a range of controls, buttons and correction wheels in the FujiFilm style. The camera's viewfinder is electronic and has a precise resolution of 3.69 million points. It's about 1.6 times brighter than previous models, and the eye sensor that switches between the viewfinder and the display works roughly twice as fast. The 3" diagonal touchscreen monitor has a resolution of over one million dots and can be tilted in many directions, up 90°, down 45° and 60° to the right for versatile use. The use of the capacitive touch panel facilitates intuitive touchscreen operations for focus point selection, etc. The output on the display is large and the numbers on it are easy to read.

FujiFilm has a wide range of accessories that you can use for the X-H1. A variety of X-series lenses, external flash units and more are available. The X-H1 is also compatible with the latest photo and video editing software.

Технически параметри
Размери на тялото (mm): 139,8 x 97,3 x 85,5
Тегло на тялото (g): 675 g
Начин на захранване: Окачване
Тип акумулатор: Fujifilm NP-W126S
Издръжливост на батерията: 310 снимки
Резолюция на видеозаписа: 4K (4096 × 2160)
Формат на файловете: JPEG, RAW
Размер на дисплея: 3"
Тип визьор: Електронен
Скорост на серийното снимане: 14 fps
Тип байонет: Fujifilm X
Тип сензор: CMOS
Резолюция: 24,3 Mpx
Формат на сензора: APS-C
Тип фотоапарат: Mirorrless system cameras
Сензорен екран: да
Цвят: Черно
Съдържание на пакета

Fujifilm X-H1 Body Black
Power cord / adapter
Lens cap
Body cap
External flash


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