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Canon 2000D vs Canon 200D

Digiexpert.bg - Canon 2000D vs Canon 200D    Let’s see how does the Canon 2000D compete against Canon owns 200D DSLR. Let’s begin with the price difference of both the camera



Features/ Models  Canon 2000D Canon 200D
Megapixel 24 megapixels 24 Megapixels
Sensor size APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)
Low pass filter Yes Yes
Image processor Digic 4+ Digic 7
AF system Contrast Based DPAF
Phase AF points 09 09
 ISO 100-12800 100-51200
Image Stabilization No No
 Shutter Min/ mix 30-1/4000 sec 30-1/4000 sec
 Continuous shooting speed 3 Fps 05 fps
 Video Full HD 1080p @30fps Full HD 1080p @60fps
Display 3.0″ 920K dots Fixed 3.0″ 1.04m-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen
Hot shoe Yes Yes
Wireless Built-in Built-in
Environmentally sealed No No
Battery life 500 650 shots
Dimensions 129 x 101 x 78 mm 122 x 84 x 50 mm
Weight 475 g 453 g


1. AutoFocus in Canon 200D is better

Autofocus performance of Canon 200d is out of its class, as we all know the Canon 200d is using Canon dual pixel CMOS autofocus system which is even better than the hybrid auto focusing system of different brands including Canon also. Canon 2000d camera remains limited to contrast based auto focusing system, so if you’re using live view mode for creating your composition are you are recording a video then you will going to get a slow and sluggish auto focusing performance from the Canon 2000d.

As we all know that DSLR is Autofocus systems are only active when you are using the viewfinder of the camera

2. Canon 200D features better Low light Sensitivity

Low light sensitivity of the Canon 200d is better up to two stops compared to the Canon 2000d camera. Canon 200D ISO goes upto 51200 and 200D remain limited to 12800.

3. Fast Continuous AF with the Canon 200D

Now continuous shooting speed of the Canon 200d camera is approx 2fps more than Canon 2000D camera. That is you are getting 5 frames per second continuous shooting speed with the Canon 200d whereas the Canon 2000d remains limited to 3 frames per second.

4. Better Video Recording with Fast AF – Canon 200D

Also in video recording mode Canon 200d performance is better, you can see the Canon 200d camera record full HD videos at 60 frames per second with continuous support of the dual pixel CMOS autofocusing system.

With Canon 2000d you get full HD video mode with 30 frames per second, also you get is slow and sluggish autofocusing performance due to the use of contrast based autofocus sensor.

5. Other Features

The display screen of Canon 200d camera is better compared to the Canon 2000D. Because with the Canon 200d you are getting a full touch interface along with the vari-angle display.

The battery life of Canon 200d camera is also more compared to the Canon 2000D, its look like Canon is Saving its money to save the production cost of the DSLR.

6. External Mic

Also the 200D camera supports external microphone, search options available inside the Canon 2000d camera.


source : http://thenewcamera.com

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